High Quality Roof Repairs in Yeovil | Experts Repairing Roofs in Yeovil and All Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for reliable experts to install, repair or replace your roofing, Waterstreet Construction is the company for you. My team works on a range of roofing to ensure domestic, commercial and listed buildings are protected, attractive and safe. I can advise on the work to be undertaken to complete roof repairs and improve the integrity of your roof in Yeovil or any of the surrounding areas.

My company offers free quotes for the required roofing work and my team are adept at finding all types of leaks.

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Types of Roofs

Waterstreet Construction specialises in working on a range of roofs. My team will take a different approach to the required work depending on the type of roof. The kinds of roofs my team and I work on include:

  • Flat Roofs

  • Fibreglass

  • GRP Roofs

  • Torch-on Felt

  • Slate

  • Tiled

In addition to roof repairs, my company also undertakes work on fascias, soffits and completes gutter installations in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas.

Roofing Work

At Waterstreet Construction, my team completes roofing services to improve domestic, commercial, heritage and listed buildings. My team and I can remove old, tired roofs and install new roofs as well as complete reroofing jobs and a range of repair work.

My team uses dry verge systems to interlock roofing and protect the tiles by keeping them secure. This system also prevents water and pests from entering roofs. Dry verge systems are a popular alternative to wet verge roofing because they are more effective and durable.

For those that desire practically maintenance free roofing, I recommend a dry ridge system. For this system my team fixes tiles to the roof without mortar and creates discreet ventilation.

To ensure all aspects of your roof are in a great working condition, Waterstreet Construction also undertakes chimney work.

To further improve all types of properties in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas, my team and I also complete transformative property renovations and offer a wide range of specialist building services. As a family-run business, Waterstreet Construction understands the importance of a protected, functional and attractive build that feels like a home. My team and I pride ourselves on completing high quality roof repairs and more roofing work all customers and clients are fully satisfied with.

For quality roof repairs and more roofing services in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas, please call Waterstreet Construction on 07973 835903 or 01935 826 070 today.