Expert Builders Completing Listed Buildings Repairs in Yeovil and All Surrounding Areas

Buildings are listed when they possess special historical or architectural value in a national context. Listed buildings have additional legal and planning protection. Waterstreet Construction specialises in listed building repairs and using traditional skills and methods to ensure all updates are legal, safe and in keeping with the aesthetic and integrity of the original build. The builders at Waterstreet Construction are highly experienced and carefully finish all work on listed buildings in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas.

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Listed Buildings

Most listed buildings were typically built with timber frames or solid masonry walls. These constructions differ from most modern builds because of the permeable materials used and the balance that needs to be maintained. The mortars and walls used to build historical homes have been updated and altered to meet modern requirements. Modern constructions help keep moisture out of builds with installations such as damp proof course, however these updated additions are not always compatible with older homes.

Materials Used

When undertaking listed building repairs, Waterstreet Construction takes every care to use the right material for each specific build. Incompatible materials can affect how they carefully balance the moisture content. My team will order in the right materials for the project and install them accordingly.

Some of the period materials my company uses when repairing and renovating listed buildings and period homes in and around Yeovil include:

  • Timber

  • Glass

  • Natural Stone

  • Brickwork

  • Plaster Work

  • Carpentry

When sourcing the correct materials, my team ensures their authenticity, accuracy and that they adhere to the guidelines of the specific listed building, such as sourcing the right type of roof tiles.

Traditional Methods

Waterstreet Construction specialises in using traditional methods and skills to enhance listed buildings. These methods include lime plastering, oak framing, flooring and brickwork. My team and I also provide a range of roofing services to ensure listed buildings are protected whilst retaining their historic integrity.

With over 120 years of combined experience, the team at Waterstreet Construction can provide accurate advice on all listed building repairs and renovations. My team can offer advice about the specific guidelines regarding the various grades attributed to different types of listed buildings. This helps my team and I determine the work to be undertaken to repair and renovate older builds in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas safely and effectively.

For quality listed building repairs in Yeovil and all of the surrounding areas, please call Waterstreet Construction on 07973 835903 or 01935 826 070 today.